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Dr. Ireland wrote his doctoral thesis on Aeschylus, but since then he has developed a wide range of research interests: Roman Britain, Greek and Roman comedy, and ancient coinage, especially that of Asia Minor. He has written a number of articles and books on these, including editions of Terence's Mother-In-Law (1990), Menander's Bad-Tempered Man (2nd ed. 2000), Menander’s Shield and Arbitration (2010), Roman Britain, A Sourcebook (3rd ed. 2008) and catalogues of the ancient coins held in Turkish municipal museums at Amasra (1996) and Amasya (2000). This latter also resulted in the spin-off of organising an international conference in Amasya on The Ottoman House, the proceedings of which he edited (1998). Since then he has published a catalogue of a Grand Tour collection held in the Warwickshire museum, and is joint author of catalogues of the Asia Minor coins in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Most recently he has undertaken to catalogue and publish the hoard of 1153 Roman denarii found recently in S. Warwickshire and currently on display in the Warwickshire Museum.