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Funding Opportunities for Students

Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning (IATL)

The IATL Student as Producer Fund supports students to pursue research that is innovative, interdisciplinary, inclusive, and international. Research grants can be awarded to individuals working either individually or in collaboration with other students or staff. Further grants are available for public performance projects. In the past, awards have been granted to:

  • Mar 2013 - Miriam Hay (Taught MA p'g) - Student as Producer, Research Grant - The display of Greek epigraphical texts in Athenian museums, a research project to be pursued in Athens whilst attending British School at Athens' postgraduate epigraphy workshop
  • Mar 2012 - Saffi Grey (3rd year u'g) - Student as Producer, Research Grant - British Conference of Undergraduate Research
  • Dec 2011 - Clare Gibbings (3rd year u'g) - Student as Producer, Performance Grant - Drama workshop on Aristophanes' Clouds, Feb 2012

Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme (URSS)

This scheme sponsors undergraduates to take part in original research. In the past, scholarships have been awarded to:

  • Summer 2012 - Laura Christofis, Frances Hoggard, Jessica Walker
  • Summer 2013 - Mike Wrench, Bradley Waters, Emily Morgan
  • Summer 2014 - Joe Grimwade, Kathryn Thompson