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Mentee Contract

The following must be completed and submitted by mentees who wish to meet regularly with their assigned mentors, either in person or online. Should a mentee wish not to do this – for whatever reason - they should contact their Welfare Officer (Hannah Thorpe). Please read the terms of this agreement carefully, and raise any queries or concerns you may have with either your mentor(s), your Personal Tutor, or your Welfare Officer. Ensure you have read the documents linked throughout the agreement. 1. Mentees agrees to allocate regular and reasonable times in their schedule to meet with their mentors. This means they should meet with them once a term at a minimum. Anything beyond that is to be decided by the mentees and their mentors. 2. Mentees will abide by the mentoring scheme Code of Ethics and be aware of the Mentee Guidelines. 3. Mentees will respect their mentors’ boundaries, cultural customs and religious beliefs. 4. Mentees will accept that the mentoring partnership is ultimately a professional relationship and so must be treated as such. Furthermore, a mentor is bound by confidentiality only up until a point as contained within the Code of Ethics. 5. Mentees will accept that under no circumstances should academic work be written by the mentor and failing to comply with this is in direct violation of University rules and regulations. 6. Consideration needs to be given to the Data Protection Act if records or notes of meetings are kept. Specific provision is made under the Act for processing sensitive personal information, including areas such as mental health. For personal information to be considered fairly processed, the mentee’s permission has been given to assist the mentoring partnership, unless the mentee advises otherwise. There is the possibility that the notes could be used in discussion with a member of staff in order to protect the interests of the mentee or another person. 7. If there are serious concerns about a mentee’s wellbeing and/or behaviour, the mentor will inform the academic coordinators of the mentoring scheme at the first opportunity. 8. If there are concerns about the mentor/mentee relationship from either party, the student concerned can contact the coordinator(s) of the scheme (Hannah Thorpe).
Agreement (required)
Privacy notice
The Classics Society and the Department have access to the information from this form. We will store the data in this form, but will not use the data for any other purpose than in support of the mentoring scheme. The submission of this form indicates that you agree to all the conditions listed above, and that you acknowledge they are relevant for the entire academic year.

The University of Warwick is the Data Controller of any information you have entered on this form and is committed to protecting the rights of individuals in line with Data Protection Legislation. The University’s Data Protection webpages provide further information on your rights and how the University processes personal data. Please submit any data subject rights requests to or address any complaints or suspected breaches to the University’s Data Protection Officer at

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