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organisation 2020-2021

Nb: Each week two pre-recorded lectures of 30 minutes each will be uploaded one week in advance for personal study. There will be one seminar on campus based on the pre-recorded lectures and other material given in advance. Students studying the module in the original will have one additional hour-long class to look in detail at the prescribed Latin texts (these students should do as much preparation of translation as possible on their own, as we will not be able to translate every line together: the point of these sessions is to trouble-shoot and talk through difficult/interesting points of grammar and interpretation).

Autumn Term 2020

Week 1 - No Monday Lecture, Latin class on the Tuesday

No lectures on this day, but material on the module will be uploaded: Introduction to the module. Introduction to the decolonisation of Classics curricula, the Black Athena Debate, race and ethnicity in the ancient world.

Latin Study: Plautus Poenulus 1-128

Week 2 - 12th October (Latin Class 13th October)

Looking for the Ethiopians (mostly selections of Homer and Herodotus).
Latin Study: Plautus Poenulus 949-1067

Week 3 - 19th October (Latin Class 20th October)

Hellenized Egyptian Tales (selections of Herodotus Histories 2, Odyssey 4, Euripides Helen).

Latin Study: Platus Poenulus 1068-1173

Week 4 - 26th October (Latin Class 27th October)

The ‘other’ in Greek Tragedy: Aeschylus’ Suppliant Women

Latin Study: Virgil Aeneid 1.334-417.

Week 5 - 2nd November (Latin Class 3rd November)

Libya and the birth of Latin literature; Plautus’ Poenulus (students' presentations).

Latin Study: Virgil Aeneid 1.418-504.

Week 6 - Reading Week (no classes, but you are welcome to join the Classics and Race Reading Group)

Week 7 - 16th November (Latin Class 17th November)

Africa and the late Republic - Sallust’s Jugurtha and Livy’s Hannibal (Sallust’s Jugurthine War, selections of Livy History of Rome books 21 and 30)

Latin Study: Virgil Aeneid 1.505-593

Week 8 - 23rd November (Latin Class 24th November)

Carthage in Augustan literature (students' presentations on the Aeneid; Virgil Aeneid 1 and 4, Horace Epodes 7, 9; Odes 1.37, 2.1)

Latin Study: Virgil Aeneid 1.594-688

Week 9 - 30th November (Latin Class 1st December)

Imperial Visions of Africa (Lucan Civil War 4, 8, 9, 10)

Latin Study: Virgil Aeneid 1.689-756

Week 10 - 7th December (Latin Class 8th December)

End of Term Recap

Latin Study: Lucan Bellum Civile 4.582-660

Spring Term 2021

Week 1 - 11th January (no class)

Introduction to Term 2: Postcolonial Theory, Black Classicism.

Latin Study: Lucan Bellum Civile 4.661-798

Week 2 - 18th January

Seeing Double: Hellenistic Literature (Callimachus and Theocritus)

Latin Study: Apuleius Metamorphoses 1.1-5

Week 3 - 25th January

Apollonius Argonautica (selections of books 3 and 4) and the foundation of Cyrene (Herodotus and Pindar)

Latin Study: Apuleius Metamorphoses 1.6-10

Week 4 - 1st February

Apuleius and Africa (Apuleius Metamorphoses selections, esp. 1 and 11; Apologia)

Latin Study: Apuleius Metamorphoses 1.11-15

Week 5 - 8th February

The African Fathers of the Church (Augustine and Tertullian)

Latin Study: Augustine Confessions 1.13-14 [20-23] and 3.1-2 [1-4]

Week 6 - Reading Week

Week 7 - 22nd February

Introduction to Black Classicism; W. E. B. Du Bois; Phillis Wheatley

Latin Study: Apuleius Metamorphoses 1.15-20

Week 8 - 1st March

Derek Walcott's Omeros

Latin Study: Apuleius Metamorphoses 11.1-5

Week 9 - 8th March

Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man (selection) and Toni Morrison's Beloved

Latin Study: Apuleius Metamorphoses 11.6-10

Week 10 - 15th March

Classics in Africa; Wole Soyinka's Bacchae

Latin Study: ApuleiusMetamorphoses 11.10-13

Summer Term 2021

Week 1

Revision Session and exam practice

Week 2

Revision Session and exam practice

Week 3

Revision Session and exam practice