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Chronology of Alexander's Reign

356 c. 20 July birth, to Philip and Olympias.
340/39 Regent while Philip besieges Byzantium; founds Alexandropolis in Thrace.
338 2 August i/c right wing at Chaeronea.
336 c. July murder of Philip; accession of Alex. march south; confirmed as leader of League of Corinth. c. 2 Oct. Macedonian New Year (1 Dios); Alex's first regnal year.
335 Spring campaign in Thrace v. Triballoi. June crossing of Danube (when corn is high); march to Illyria v. Cleitus and Glaucias. Aug/Sept. revolt of Thebes. October capture and destruction of Thebes.
334 Spring crossing into Asia. c. 21 May battle of Granicus. march to Sardis, Priene, Ephesus ... sieges at Miletus, Halicarnassus. Autumn march into Caria, then Lycia, Pamphylia; Parmenio sent to Phrygia via Sardis.
334/3 Winter move to Milyas, then Phaselis, Side, Celaenae.
333 Spring march north to Gordion; rejoins Parmenio. march east to Ankara, then south to Cilician Gates, Tarsus. serious fever at Tarsus; action at Soli; news of capture of Halicarnassus. November battle of Issus. Parmenio captures Damascus; march into Phoenicia - Marathus, Byblus, Sidon.
332 January siege of Tyre. July/Aug. capture of Tyre. September siege of Gaza. November capture of Gaza. march on Egypt - Pelusium, Memphis; coronation as Pharoah. c. 14 Nov. start of Alex.'s first regnal year in Egypt. Foundation of Alexandria.
332/1 Winter visit to Siwah (oracle of Ammon); return to Memphis; organization of Egypt.
331 7 April "Birthday" of Alexandria. Spring march north from Memphis to Tyre. May news of "revolt" of Agis of Sparta. July/Aug. march east to Thapsacus on Euphrates. 20 Sept. eclipse of moon, 2 days after crossing of Tigris. 1 Oct. battle of Gaugamela. late autumn Agis defeated by Antipater at Megalopolis. Oct./Nov. move south to Babylon, where Alex. waits. December arrival at Susa. end Dec. move east through land of Uxii & Persian Gates to Persepolis.
330 Jan./April stay in Persepolis. April campaign in interior of Persia. May return to Persepolis; burning of palace & departure for Ecbatana. Socrates brings reinforcements & news of Megalopolis victory. Ecbatana: Greek allies dismissed; march north-east to Rhagae & Caspian Gates. July death of Darius; capture of body. late summer advance to border of Hyrcania; reception of Persian nobles. Alex. acts as Great King & adopts Persian/Median dress. to Zadracarta, towards Bactria but diversion to Artacana (revolt of Satibarzanes). 330 Autumn trial and death of Philotas; murder of Parmenio. trial of Amyntas and his brothers. march through land of Ariaspes. arrest of Demetrius the bodyguard; move to Arachosia. November through Paropamisadae.
330/29 Winter foundation of Alexandria (Kandahar?).
329 early Spring crossing of Hindu Kush. move to Drapsaca & Bactria; older men & Thessalian volunteers sent home. crossing of Oxus; capture and execution of Bessus. to Marakanda (Samarcand). summer move to river Jaxartes; foundation of Alexandria Eschate. mid-summer revolt of local tribes and Sogdiana; campaigns v. Spitamenes.
329/8 Winter at Zariaspa; embassies from Scythians & Chorasmians.
328 Summer trouble in Sogdiana with Massagetai & Spitamenes. Autumn detachment left with Coenus in Sogdiana for winter. Spitamenes killed by Massagetai. return to Samarcand; murder of Clitus the Black.
328/7 Winter winter quarters at Nautaka.
327 early spring capture of rock of Sogdiana. Spring capture of rock of Choriene. to Bactria; defeat of Catanes and Austanes, last opposition in Paraitacene. Pages' conspiracy; arrest of Callisthenes the historian. late Spring departure from Bactria. capture of Massaga, and then of rock of Aornos. Autumn departure for India. late in year death of Callisthenes.
327/6 Winter winter quarters in Assacene.
326 early Spring crossing of Indus; to Taxila. river Hydaspes reached. May battle of river Hydaspes. May/June halt in kingdom of Porus. late June advance to river Acesines, then Hyphasis; revolt of army. return to Hydaspes; death of Coenus; construction of fleet. November journey downstream begins. reduction of Malli tribe; Alexander wounded in lung.
325 mid-July arrival at Pattala. August move downstream from Pattala; Nearchus delayed by winds. September Alexander reaches the Oritae. Sept./Oct. Nearchus leaves on voyage. Alex. marches through Gedrosia and reaches Pura. c.mid-Dec. Nearchus reaches Hormuz & rejoins Alex.
324 Jan.-March Nearchus leaves Hormuz, to rejoin Alex. at Susa. April? mass marriages at Susa; repayment of soldiers' debts; voyage up Tigris to Opis. June? mutiny at Opis; banquet of reconciliation. Aug./Sept. Exiles' Decree published by Nicanor at Olympic Games. October to Ecbatana; death of Hephaestion.
324/3 Winter expedition v. Cossians. to Babylon; preparations for Arabian expedition.
323 c. 1 June Alexander taken ill. 10 June Babylon: death of Alexander in evening