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Art & Architecture in Asia Minor - Syllabus

Syllabus 2018-19
Term 1

Wk 1 Lecture: Introduction, terms and techniques; A Brief History of Ancient Art
Wk 2 Lecture: Archaic and Classical Temples
Wk 3 Lecture: Hellenistic Temples, Dedications and Votives; The place of Asia Minor in the History of Greek Art
Wk 4 Lecture: Lycia and its Tombs; Seminar: Dedications and Votives;
Wk 5 Lecture: The Hecatomnids (Naomi Carless Unwin)

Wk 6 Thursday 8th Nov: Seminar on site at the British Museum: The Nereid Monument and the Mausoleum

*Please meet at the British Museum by 11am: students to arrange their own transport. We will be finished by 2pm at the latest

Wk 7 1 hour lecture 2-3: The Mausoleum and its successors
Wk 8 Lecture: Cities and civic life
Wk 9 Lecture: The Rise of Pergamum; Seminar: The Great Altar of Pergamum
Wk 10 Lecture: Pergamum - from Hellenistic to Roman and The coming of Rome

Term 2

Wk 1 Lecture: The urban landscape and its practicalities

Essay returns
Wk 2 Lecture: Euergetism I – Zoilos and Aphrodisias
Wk 3 Lecture: Cities and the Emperor: The imperial cult and beyond
Wk 4 Euergetism ii: Nympheae
Seminar: The Sebasteion of Aphrodisias

Wk 5 Lecture: Baths, the Gymnasium and Entertainment
Wk 6 reading week: no lecture

Wk 7 Lecture and Seminar: Festivals and Civic Identity
Wk 8 Lecture: The Second Sophistic and the GReek Renaissance
Lecture: Cities, rivalries and Myths

Wk 9 Lecture: Inscriptions as Material Culture
Seminar: Euergetism III - Civic Monuments
Wk 10 Lecture: Death and Commemoration; revision advice

Term 3

Wk 1 Lecture: Late Antiquity
Wk 2 Seminar: Greek or Roman? The Impact of Empire (1 hour seminar only, 1-2, 2-3 or 3-4)
Wk 3 Revision