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Art & Architecture in Asia Minor - Syllabus

Sample Syllabus (2024-25 tbc)
Term 1

Wk 1 Lecture: Introduction, terms and techniques; Historical Overview
Wk 2 Lecture: Archaic and Classical Temples
Wk 3 Lecture: Hellenistic Temples, Seminar: Dedications and Votives
Wk 4 Lecture: The Hecatomnids and architectural patronage
Wk 5 Lecture: Lycia and its tombs
Wk 6 Seminar on site at the British Museum: The Nereid Monument and the Mausoleum
Wk 7 Lecture: Cities and civic life
Wk 8 Lecture: Festivals in the Hellenistic Age
Wk 9 Lecture: The Rise of Pergamum
Wk 10 Student presentations

Term 2 (tbc)

Wk 1 Lecture: The Coming of Rome and The urban landscape
Wk 2 Lecture: Cities and the Emperor: The imperial cult and beyond
Wk 3 Lecture: Aphrodisias; Seminar: The Sebasteion of Aphrodisias
Wk 4 Lecture: Portraiture and Elite self-representation

Wk 5 Lecture: Euergetism: Celsus and Plancia Magna
Wk 6 reading week: no lecture

Wk 7 Lecture: Baths, the Gymnasium and Entertainment;
Wk 8 Lecture and Seminar: Religion, festivals and Civic identities

Wk 9 Lecture: Death and Commemoration
Wk 10 Lecture: Asia Minor in Late Antiquity

Term 3

Wk 1&2: Revision
Wk 3 Student presentations (by those taking 15 CAT Art and Architecture of Roman Asia Minor).

Warwick students at Pergamon 2004

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