To all students on the Democracy and Imperialism module 2013-4 Below I have put some TIPS and RULEs so that we can all get the most out of the Discussion Forum during this course. *TIPS:* 1. It's ok not to know all the answers - none of us do! 2. It's ok not to know as much about some topics as others - there will be topics you know more about than others too. 3. Use the forum to post your questions as much as your thoughts and ideas. Ask others what they think. Build towards consensus via discussion rather than think you have to know the answer at the start. 4. Think of the forum as a great place in which to share ideas, be made aware of different approaches and pieces of evidence, and develop your opinions *RULES:* 1. No un-constructive criticisms of posts by fellow students. Feel free to add your thoughts on how to use this forum in reply to this topic.