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Summer Reading

The following reading is suggested particularly for students planning to take this module in 2020-2021. Each item is available on line via JSTOR or as an E-book via the Warwick Library Encore system.

R. Brock, 1991 'The emergence of democratic ideology', in Historia 40, 160-9

M.I. Finley, 1962 "Athenian Demagogues," in Past and Present 21, 3-24

K. Raaflaub (et al). (eds). Origins of Democracy in Ancient Greece 2007

H. Beck A Companion to Ancient Greek Government 2013

W. Robinson Democracy beyond Athens: popular government in the Greek Classical Age 2011

M. Christ The Bad Citizen in Classical Athens 2006

P. Low The Athenian Empire 2003

J. Ober Democracy and knowledge: innovation and learning in classical Athens 2008

N. Arrington Ashes, images, and memories: the presence of the war dead in fifth-century Athens 2014

R. Brock and S. Hodkinson Alternatives to Athens: varieties of political organization and community in ancient Greece 2002

P. Cartledge Ancient Greek Political Thought in Practice 2009