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Reading List

Introductory Reading List

Students are expected to read material in addition to the lectures, particularly from the bibliographies provided on the handouts each week.

  • Barringer, J. 2008. Art, Myth and Ritual in Classical Greece. Cambridge.
  • Beard, M. 2010. The Parthenon. Profile.
  • Bintliff, J. 2012. The Complete Archaeology of Greece: From Hunter-Gatherers to the 20th Century A.D. Wiley Blackwell.
  • Camp, J. 2001. The Archaeology of Athens. Yale.
  • de Polignac, F. 1995. Cults, territory and the origins of the Greek city-state. Translated by J. Lloyd. Chicago.
  • Goette, H.R. 2008. Athens, Attica and the Megarid. Routledge.
  • Hamilakis, Y. 2009. The Nation and Its Ruins: Antiquity, Archaeology, and National Imagination in Greece. Oxford.
  • Lynch, K. 2011. The Symposium in Context : Pottery from a Late Archaic House near the Athenian Agora. Princeton.
  • Osborne, R. 2000.Classical Greece: 500-323 BC (Short Oxford History of Europe). Oxford.
  • Vickers, M., and D. Gill. 1996. Artful Crafts: Ancient Silverware and Pottery. Oxford.
  • Whitley, J. 2001. The Archaeology of Ancient Greece. Cambridge.

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