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Do not attend any face-to-face sessions on campus if you think you have coronavirus. Instead, follow the University’s instructions here.

Each week, there are two sessions: a one-hour online lecture and a one-hour in-person session. The online lecture will take place asynchronously: relevant materials will be available to download from Moodle for you to engage with at a time that suits you. The online lecture for each week will be divided into short PowerPoint presentations accompanied by a voiceover, with follow-up exercises for you to complete. For the in-person session (marked as 'seminar' in your timetable), the group will be divided into two groups and will meet as follows:

  • Group 1: Tuesdays, 4-5pm in the Library Teaching Grid
  • Group 2: Tuesdays, 5-6pm in the Library Teaching Grid

You will be assigned to a group before the start of term.

There will also be three seminars in both term 1 (weeks 3, 7, 9) and term 2 (weeks 3, 5, 9). During these weeks, the in-person session will be replaced with a live online seminar. You will be assigned to a seminar group shortly after the start of term. All students will need to prepare for all seminars. Seminar worksheets will be distributed two weeks before each seminar via Moodle.

In term 3, lectures continue as normal for the first three weeks of term: these are an integral part of the course, designed particularly to enable you to develop an overview of the module and to help you revise for the exam.

There are also weekly text classes for students studying the module as a Latin-text option: Fridays 2-3pm online via Teams. These are crucial since they not only offer linguistic and grammatical help in translating what are interesting but difficult texts, but they also offer the chance for us to discuss issues of literary and historical interpretation. They are essential background both for preparing for the second assessed essay and for the exam.