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Essay titles for :

Essay 1 (non-assessed - 1500 words):

To be handed in by week 6

Either: Can Caesar’s invasions of Britain be considered a success?

Or: Did the Romans need to invade and conquer Britain?

Essay 2 (assessed - 2500 words):

To be handed in by noon Monday 24th January

Either: "They create a desolation and call it peace" (Tacitus). How far does this represent Rome's treatment of Britain down to the end of the first century AD?

Or: How far can the literary sources for Roman Britain down to Agricola be consdered reliable?

Or: Examine the factors that made a speedy expansion of Rome's British province difficult to achieve.

Or: Assess the evidence for Rome's exploitation of Britain's resources.

Or: To what extent is Tacitus' account of Agricola's governorship credible?

Essay 3 (assessed - 2500 words):

To be handed in by noon on Wednesday 4th May

Either: Examine the structure and effectiveness of Hadrian's frontier system in Britain and account for the changes that took place over time.

Or: To what extent was the collapse of Roman control in Britain brought about more by internal problems than external threat?

Or: How far do the changes that took place in the military organisation of Britain reflect adaptation to match needs?

Or: Do the archaeological remains of Roman Britain present a fuller picture of life in the province than the literary evidence?

Or: Is it possible to gain any real understanding of religious belief in Roman Britain?