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Early Christianity - Syllabus

Term 1

 1 Introduction - Aims, Objectives, Methods 

 2 The Gospels as Sources for Provincial Life 
The Life and Death of Jesus 

 3 Pauline Teaching 
Pauline Missionary Activity

 4 Pauline Missionary Activity 
Pagan Views of Christians in the First and Second Centuries 

 5 Christian Literature in the First to Third Centuries I (Apostolic Fathers to Apocryphal Gospels and Acts) 
Christian Literature in the First to Third Centuries II (Apologetic, Philosophy, Heresy)

 6 Reading week

 7 Christian Literature in the First to Third Centuries III (Clement, Tertullian, Origen) 
Christian Conduct and Morality

8 Persecution from Decius to Diocletian  
Martyrs - Phenomenon and Fact

 9  Sex, Bodies, Renunciation
Martyrs Revisited: Prudentius

10 Christian Art to 400 
seminar ‘Christianity in Context’ (the class will be split into two groups)


Term 2

1 Martyrs Revisited
 Persecution from Decius to Diocletian

2 Constantine Basics
 Constantine Works

3 Constantine

4 Church and State

5 Christian Art

6 Reading week: no classes

7 Pilgrimage

8 Monks

9 More monks and saints
 Christian Rome

10 Theodosius, Libanius and Ambrose
 Theodosius, Libanius and Ambrose

Term Three will probably be revision only.