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Coinage of Greece & Rome - Assessment

Assessment will consist of two essays, each of ‘c. 2,500 words’, which in practice means 2250-3000 words (including footnotes not including bibliography) (Term 1 & 2) plus a 2-hour examination (Term 3).

Essay 1, 25%

Essay 2, 25%

Examination, 50%

Essays should be provided with proper bibliographic references and in be in a legible form with spelling and grammar of an acceptable standard; the use of a word-processor is to be encouraged. Essays should also be submitted anonymously, identified only by University number. Students should be aware that work submitted late will initially be given a mark of zero. If you think you have a justified reason for submitting an essay late (see Departmental Handbook), you should see the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Andrew Liard or the Head of Department (Prof. Alison Cooley). Students are reminded that written work is expected to be their own, and that unacknowledged or disguised quotation of others' work constitutes plagiarism and will attract a mark of zero.

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