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Coinage of Greece & Rome - Syllabus

Lectures & Seminars:

Autumn Term

Week 1: No class on Monday in week 1
Week 2: Introduction - Why did ancient states strike coins?
Week 3: Archaic and classical coinage & Seminar: Coin identification (tools)
Week 4: Greek and Punic coins in the Western Mediterranean
Week 5: Hellenistic coins
Week 6: Reading week: no class
Week 7: Coins from sanctuaries & Seminar
Week 8: Visit to Oxford, Ashmolean. Coin room (2.30-4.30pm).
Meet Suzanne at the main entrance of the museum at 2.30pm (trains from Coventry/Leamington arrive at 2.14).
Week 9: Rome's adoption of currency and Republican coinage
Week 10: Coin finds in the Western Mediterranean: hoards and site finds

Spring Term

Week 11: Early imperial coinage (KB)
Week 12: Political message
Week 13: Devaluation and scientific methods (KB) & Seminar: Sanctuaries on coins (SFK)
Week 14: Celtic Coinage (DS)
Week 15: Developments in the middle and later imperial periods (KB)
Week 16: Reading week: no class
Week 17: Roman Provincial coinage (MSB)
Week 18: Late Roman coinage & seminar
Week 19: Coin finds in the north-western provinces
Week 20: The shift to the early medieval period – False coins & imitations

Summer Term

Week 21: Revision
Week 22: Revision
Week 23: No class on Monday but lecture by PD Dr. Bernhard Woytek on Thursday 10 Mai, 3-4p, OC1.06:
The mint of Rome under San Clemente

Carthage, Bir Messaouda, detail of Punic coin mould, post 213 BC