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House of M. Lucretius Fronto

House of Marcus Lucretius Fronto, Pompeii V 4 a

For bibliography on the paintings in this house, which include both late third style and fourth style, see
J. R. Clarke, The Houses of Roman Italy (1991) 146-63 (room labelling here follows his plan, p. 147)
R. Ling, Roman Painting (1991) check index

view from fauces

View from the fauces towards tablinum


view of left wall of tablinum, with late 3rd style decoration (c. AD40-50)

detail tablinum

Detail of tablinum decoration, Mars and Venus

detail, villa scene

Detail of tablinum decoration, villa scene

room off peristyle

4th style decoration in room s, off peristyle


paintings of wild besas in peristyle


4th style decoration in room i, Narcissus

Pero and Micon

4th style decoration in room i, Pero and Micon