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House of the Faun

House of the Faun, Pompeii VI 12

View from fauces

View from main fauces


Detail of first style painting in the fauces

1st peristyle

First peristyle, decorated in first Pompeian style

ala off atrium

Detail of floor of the room (ala) off the main atrium

dancing faun

Detail of the Dancing Faun (copy of original) from the main atrium.

Alexander Mosaic

The Alexander Mosaic from the exedra of the first peristyle (Naples Museum)

Alexander Mosaic, detail

Detail of Alexander, from the Alexander Mosaic

Alexander mosaic, detail

Detail of Darius, from the Alexander Mosaic

Detail of Darius and fallen Persian

Nilotic mosaic

Nilotic mosaic, border to the Alexander Mosaic (Naples museum)

Nymph and Satyr

Mosaic showing a nymph and satyr, from cubiculum off the main atrium

Dionysus of Lion

Mosaic of Dionysus riding a lion, from the House of the Faun

fish mosaic

Fish mosaic from a room off the atrium, perhaps a triclinium