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Schedule of Lectures & Seminars

Sample syllabus

Term 1 Week 10: Encounters with ancient texts: introduction (for both parallel modules in Greek/Latin texts) [

Term 2:

Week 1: Greek Epic 1: Encounters with Groups and Individuals (Homer, Iliad)

Week 2: Greek Epic 2: Journeys and Encounters (Homer, Odyssey; Apollonius, Argonautica)

Week 3: Historiography and historical consciousness (focus on Herodotus and Thucydides)

Week 4: Didactic, the divine, and causation: Hesiod, Homeric Hymns, and beyond

Week 5: Lyric subjectivity (Seminar Week: Sappho)

Week 6: reading week : no lectures/seminars

Week 7: Fame and commemoration, monumentality, epigrams, ecphrasis

Week 8: Greek Tragedy

Week 9: Greek Laughter: Athenian Comedy in context (Seminar Week: Aristophanes, Clouds)

Week 10: Rhetoric: persuasion and communication across time and space

Term 3:

Week 1: Exam revision

Week 2: Exam revision