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The Syllabus for 2022/2023 is outlined below. Assessment details for 2022/2023 are found at the bottom of this page.

Spring Term

Week 1: What is Public Engagement in Classics and why does it matter?

Week 2: Who are the ‘public’? Different ‘publics’ and types of engagement in Classics

Week 3: The work of the WCN. Introduction to URSS. Developing a reflective blog post on general issues in Classics Public Engagement [Assessment 1]

Week 4: Public Engagement with Research. Seminar 1 – Developing your group Classics engagement project

Week 5: Engagement techniques, skills, planning; video skills training for vlog/engagement project assessment. Planning of online video reflective piece on specific question on Classics Public Engagement [Assessment 2]

Week 6: Reading Week

Week 7: Engaging with schools and museums Seminar 2 – Developing your group Classics engagement project [Assessment 3]

Week 8: Digital engagement and creation of online resources

Week 9: Public Engagement in film and media

Week 10: How do we assess Public Engagement? Feedback and assessment

Summer Term

Public Engagement Showcase event [week tbc]

Assessment for Module

  • Students will write a 750 word reflective blog post on a general area of Public Engagement in Classics - 20%
  • Students will record a 5 minute reflective video on a specific question in Classics Public Engagement - 30%
  • Students will undertake a Public Engagement Project which will develop throughout the course and will involve any aspect of Public Engagement - 50%

The Public Engagement Project will be a group project. Each person will write a reflective piece of 1,500 words on their project, and 75% of the project marks will be awarded for this reflective piece which will reveal individual contribution to group work as well as success and scope of the project as a whole. 25% of the project assessment will for the public engagement presentation. Presentations will take place in a showcase event in Term 3. Working in groups students will present for 30 minutes on their project to a public/student audience. Not every member will need to present on the day but all need to be involved in the delivery, production or hosting of the event. Some projects may also tie in to the Classics Dept. Ancient Worlds Day in Term 3. In the event of failure in the group presentation (25% component), students will be offered the chance to do an individual presentation 5-10mins long as remedy of this failure.

Ancient Drama festivalMichael Scott on TV in CairoNatalie Haynes at Ancient Worlds Day 2019Audience Ancient Worlds Day 2019Michael Scott speaking at Ancient Worlds Day 2019WCN logoStudents using VR headsets