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New Alexanders?

Alexander the Great (1955): new Alexanders?

The new ‘Successors’:

  1. Oliver Stone Alexander project (2004?)
  2. Ridley Scott / Baz Luhrmann / Dino DeLaurentiis Alexander project (2005?)
  3. Christopher McQuarrie / Martin Scorsese Alexander project
  4. Mel Gibson Alexander project
  5. Alfonso Arau Alexander project
  6. John Milius Alexander project
  7. T. Atcheson / Steven Mayas Alexander project
  8. ???

Following the Successors online

Confirmed projects:

Breaking news / gossip:

DiCaprio as Alexander:

Alexander guru site:


Alexander the Great (1955): failure of the Greek blockbuster

“Whatever happened to all the heroes? All the … Shakespearoes?”

Recap: Alexander the Great as success and failure.

  • Darius’ death scene: ‘look on my works...’

Class discussion: where are all the Alexander films?

Alexander’s rivals:

  1. Helen of Troy (1953).
  2. 300 Spartans (1962).
  3. Hercules and the …

Vs. rival Alexanders:

  1. Sikander (cf. week 5’s Cleo: the Musical?).
  2. The William Shatner TV pilot.

Toga or peplum?

  • ‘Roman Alexanders’: becoming the Great.
  • Alexander vs. Nero.

Further reading

Diana Spencer (2002), The Roman Alexander: Reading a Cultural Myth.

Rival Alexanders: see e.g., but with caution!