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Fellini Satyricon (2)

Fellini Satyricon (1969) 2: A Farewell to Rome

“What is the nature of this last rebirth of antiquity? Here we find the explanation for the definition Fellini offered some time ago for his film— ‘the documentary of a dream.’ The last Renaissance is something like a farewell.”—Alberto Moravia, ‘Dreaming Up Petronius’, New York Review of Books 26/03/70 p.163

  • Half-truths, fictions and metafictions of Ancient Rome:

1. the Widow of Ephesus

2. the Villa of the Suicides / the death of the young Caesar

3. the Festival of Laughter

4. the thug and the albino

  • Self-consuming fictions: Trimalchio’s feast and funeral rehearsal
  • Breaking out of the fra(g)me(nt): closure and resistance at the end of Fellini Satyricon