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Term 2 Coursework - Q800 Greek


Practical Criticisms

: To be handed in by 12 noon, Tuesday 24th February 2015

Write on TWO of the following THREE passages, answering the question set with specific reference to the Greek text, while paying attention to the guidelines for literary gobbets.

You will need to consult commentaries and cite and discuss relevant bibliography, presenting each answer as a mini-essay with bibliography and detailed referencing to the text specified.

The two practical criticisms should be submitted, both electronically and in hard copy, as one document of about 2,500 words in total.


1. Acharnians 497–556

Question: ‘Dikaiopolis is really only Aristophanes in disguise.’ Really?


2. Acharnians 1097–1149

Question: ‘Acharnians is more about issues, less about characters.’ Discuss.


3. Lysistrata 1114–89

Question: ‘Lysistrata’s words are seriously meant.’ Discuss.