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Art & Architecture of Archaic and Classical Greece


This module explores the art and architecture of Greece, from Athens to Delphi, Salamis, Corinth and Olympia, beginning with the pre-Classical art of the Mycenaean period, through to the early Hellenistic period.

This module is available in 2012/13.

Module convenor: Kate Beats (k dot a dot beats at warwick dot ac dot uk)

Vacation Work:

The best summer preparation for this module is to read around the subject very generally. In terms of book, Osborne’s Archaic and Classical Greek Art is an inexpensive book which will be useful throughout the year, and will provide you which a good background knowledge of the subject. This module has a strong emphasis upon archaeology, not necessary archaeological methods, but most certainly the use of material excavated from sites. Whitley’s The Archaeology of Ancient Greece provides an excellent background to this. Please read from any resource you can find, explore! There are some great photographs on the internet, get a sense of the places we’ll be discussing.

In the first session of the module, we’ll introduce ourselves, and then have a general introduction to Greek art, and the methodologies we will be applying throughout the year. Rather than having a conventional lecture format, I’m asking everyone to choose a particular object/visual medium/temple/site and do a bit of reading around about it (Beazley archive, Perseus, British Museum website, dare I say it – Wikipedia) . There is no need for detail. Everyone should focus on one particular characteristic of their chosen object/visual medium/temple/site to share with the group. How would the user/viewer experience this thing? What makes this thing unique? Where did it come from? Why is this interesting? What can it tell us about Greek culture? Etc. Bring along some images if you can.

Finally, enjoy your summer and I look forward to meeting you all in October!