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Greek Myth: Narratives, Sources, Approaches: Reading List


Powell, B. (2020) (9th edition) Classical Myth, Oxford University Press, £39.50, 750pp (including a collection of primary sources for each topic and some minimal analysis)

We have asked Blackwell’s, who run the Warwick bookstore, for a discounted rate to be given to the students. We will also order a good number of these books to be held at the library

Indicative Reading List:

Csapo, E. (2005) Theories of Mythology, Malden MA: Blackwell

Dowden, K. (1992) The uses of Greek mythology, London: Routledge

Dowden, K. and Livingstone, N.(eds.) (2014) A companion to Greek mythology, Chichester, West Sussex: Wiley Blackwell

Edmunds, L. (ed.) (2014) Approaches to Greek Myth, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press,

Gantz, T. (1993) Early Greek Myth: a guide to literary and artistic sources, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press (two volumes)

Hawes, G. (ed.) (2017) Myths on the map: the storied landscapes of ancient Greece, Oxford: Oxford University Press

López-Ruiz, C. (2010) When the gods were born : Greek cosmogonies and the Near East, Cambridge MA and London : Harvard University Press

Powell, B. (2020) (9th edition) Classical Myth, Oxford: Oxford University Press

Buxton, R. (1994) Imaginary Greece: The contexts of mythology, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Voela, A. (2017) Psychoanalysis, philosophy and myth in contemporary culture : after Oedipus, London : Palgrave Macmillan