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Greek Myth: Narratives, Sources, Approaches: Summer preparation

Over the summer, it would be advisable to obtain a copy of the textbook and read the Introduction and the chapters that relate to the syllabus.

Powell, B. (2020) (9th edition) Classical Myth, Oxford University Press, £39.50, 750pp (including a collection of primary sources for each topic and some minimal analysis)

We have asked Blackwell’s, who run the Warwick bookstore, for a discounted rate to be given to the students. We will also order a good number of these books to be held at the library

It is also advisable to watch Eric Csapo's lectures on 'Prometheus and Pandora' and 'Dionysus I' from the year 1 module Greek Culture and Society:

Prometheus and Pandora Part I

Prometheus and Pandora Part II

Dionysus Part I

Dionysus Part II