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Greek Myth: Narratives, Sources, Approaches: Summer preparation

Over the summer, it would be advisable to obtain a copy of the textbook and read the Introduction and the chapters that relate to the syllabus.

Powell, B. (2021) (9th edition) Classical Myth, Oxford University Press, 750pp (including a collection of primary sources for each topic and some minimal analysis)

You may find it cheaper elsewhere or in a used format: ; for the latter, please check, as well.

There are ten copies at the Library, but they will likely be borrowed very soon.

It is also advisable to watch Eric Csapo's lectures on 'Prometheus and Pandora' and 'Dionysus I' from the year 1 module Greek Culture and Society:

Prometheus and Pandora Part I

Prometheus and Pandora Part II

Dionysus Part I

Dionysus Part II