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Set texts for all students

Some of the prescribed texts for this module constitute individual poems or groups thereof, or selections from prose works. Students are actively encouraged to read more widely, and should aim to be familiar with the entire works in question. The set texts and editions are given below:

  • Eusebius, Vita Constantini (= Cameron, A. & Hall, S.G. 1999, Life of Constantine,Clarendon Press, Oxford).
  • Eusebius, Letter to Constantia.
  • Optatian Carmina (selections TBC; A translation and typographic presentation will be available on Moodle at the start of the course.)
  • Paulinus of Nola, Carmina 27 and 28 (=Walsh, P. G (1975) The poems of St. Paulinus of Nola. Ancient Christian writers 40)
  • Prudentius, Peristephanon 9 and 11 (=Krisak, L. and Pucci, J.M. (2019) Prudentius' Crown of martyrs = Liber peristephanon. Abingdon, Oxon.)
  • Prudentius, Tituli Historiarum. (='Scenes from History' in Thomson, H.J. (1953) Prudentius Loeb vol ii)
  • Sidonius Apollinaris (Carmina 22; Epistle 2). (=Sidonius Apollinaris and Green, R. P. H. (2022) Sidonius Apollinaris complete poems. Liverpool (Translated texts for historians ; v. 76)
  • Venantius Fortunatus (Carmina 2.4; 2.5; 5.6, 5.6a). (=Roberts, M. (2017) Poems: Venantius Fortunatus. Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library)
  • XII Panegyrici Latini (limited selections TBC). (=Nixon, C.E.V., Rodgers, B.S. and Mynors, R.A.B. (1994) In praise of later Roman emperors : the Panegyrici Latini. University of California Press)
Set texts for Q800 students / Students taking the module as a Latin text option

The selection of texts will be available on Moodle at the beginning of term; email the module convenor, if you would like information particular text over summer.

TEXT 1: Prudentius, Peristephanon 9 and 11.

(=Cunningham, M.P. (1966) Carmina Aurelii Prudentii Clementis. Corpus Christianorum Series Latina: 126; also Thomson, H.J. (1953) Loeb vol ii).

TEXT 2: Paulinus of Nola Carmina 27 (line selection to be confirmed)

(=Dolveck, F. (2015) Paulinus Nolanus - Carmina. Corpus Christianorum Series Latina: 203.)

TEXT 3: Optatian Carmina 3

(=Squire, Wienand (2017) "A new typographic presentation of Optatian’s figurative poems" in MORPHOGRAMMATA / THE LETTERED ART OF OPTATIAN.; also Polara, G. (1973) Publilii Optatiani Porfyrii Carmina (2 vols.). Turin; Müller, L.; Kluge, E. (1926) Publilii Optatiani Porfyrii Carmina. Leipzig.(1877) Publilii Optatiani Porfyrii Carmina. Leipzig.).

TEXT 4: Sidonius Apollinaris Carmina 22.101-202.

TEXT 5: Venantius Fortunatus Carmina 5.6a (=Roberts, M. (2017) Poems: Venantius Fortunatus. Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library).