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The syllabus for 2020/21 is given below. We expect the syllabus for 2021/2022 will be very similar. An outline of the assessments for this module is provided at the bottom of the page.

Autumn term 2020: Greek history

Week 1: Introduction to IGRH and the problem of history (MS).

Week 2: Before the 6th century BC (MS)

Week 3: The 6th century BC (MS)

Week 4: How to write a chapter/article review (MS)

Week 5: The 5th century BC via literary sources (MS)

Week 6: The 5th century BC via literary sources (cont) (MS)

Week 7: The 5th century BC through archaeological material (MS)

Week 8: The 4th century BC as the forgotten century (MS)

Week 9: The 4th century as a different century (MS)

Week 10: Trends of historiography in scholarship on ancient Greece + future directions (MS)

Spring term 2021: Roman history

Week 01: What should the history of the Roman Republic look like?

Week 02: Material vs Myth: Writing the history of early Rome (CR)

Week 03: Who’s who in the Roman world? An introduction to prosopography (this lecture focuses on preparation for the assessment, including gobbet writing) (CR)

Week 04: The Republic: Society and government (CR)

Week 05: Rome and the Hellenistic World: Roman expansion and its causes (CR)

Week 6: Roman Republican coinage + Roman history from objects (CR)

Week 7: The effects of war: the Gracchi and changing Roman culture (CR)

Week 08: Marius, Sulla and the Social War (CR)

Week 09: When does the Republic fall and the Empire begin? Pompey and Caesar. (CR)

Week 10: Topic set by student vote in Week 3 of Term 2 (CR)

Summer term 2021

Week 01: Essay writing workshop!

Week 02: How things make history: Classical Greek coinage

Week 03: How things make history: Roman concrete


Book/Article Review (25%) in term 1.

Prosopographical Exercise (25%) in term 2.

Essay (50%) in term 3.