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Prosimetrum: prose, verse and cultural capital

Prose and verse

  • Verse and ‘cultural capital’: Homer, Hesiod, and Helicon
  • Plato on Homer
  • Verse vs. prose; cf. roll vs. codex? The case of technical literature.
  • Prose, verse and the sophists: Philostratus, Imagines
  • Prose supplanting verse: Greek literature in the Antonine Age
  • Roman traditions of prose and verse


  • Varro, Saturae Menippeae
  • ‘Menippean Satire’ and Menippus (via Lucian)
  • Seneca, Apocolocyntosis and Neronian freaks of genre (ps.-Seneca, Octavia)
  • The Iolaus fragment: having your verse and eating it?