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Lecture 1: recap

Some key themes from last term’s work:

  • the ‘ideal’ novel in the Second Sophistic
  • Hellenistic origins of the novel; parallel forms, contexts
  • the pastoral impulse and romantic love
  • the novel as field for an ‘archaeology’ of emotion
  • the epistolary mode: letters as vehicle(?) of private emotion

Some emergent themes this term:

  • the ancient novel in new cultural and intellectual contexts; are these novelists ‘sophists’, too?
  • the role(s) of prose within the Roman Empire
  • artifice, irony and the performing elite in Neronian Rome
  • the novel as satire
  • novels of religious conversion
  • the novel as ‘metafiction’


  • lectures and seminars this term
  • buying books
  • assessment
  • assessment for Latinists