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Encounters with Material Culture: Objects and Archaeology

CX 111-15

Close-up image of the capital of a decorated Ionic column at the archeological site of Delphi.

Module website for students can be found here!


This module will provide students with the tools required to approach and interpret the material culture of the ancient world, and to understand the different questions which can be asked of this material. It will look at how we approach and define ancient material culture, including the study of buildings, art-works, inscriptions and everyday objects. We will consider issues such as material, production and consumption, style, form and iconography, contexts of discovery and use, as well as the ways objects communicate and change over their lifetimes. The module will also act as a taster for the exploration of some of these aspects in more detail in our Honours-level modules.

Module aims

The module aims to introduce students to some of the main areas relevant to the study of material culture from the ancient world. Students will learn how to describe objects, thinking about aspects such as production, material, style and iconography. They will also learn how to interpret drawings and reconstructions, as well as exploring some of the different roles objects play in different contexts. Assessment methods will develop skills in presenting and describing ancient objects, as well as communicating their significance to different audiences.


Term 2, Week 1: Introduction/Context of the module (CT)

Term 2, Week 2: Architecture (SFK)

Term 2, Week 3: Human Remains (CP)

Term 2, Week 4: Pottery in Art and Archaeology (CT)

Term 2, Week 4b: Seminar: Working with Pottery (CT)

Term 2, Week 5: Ordering & Presenting the Past/poster training session (SFK & RT)

Term 2, Week 6: READING WEEK

Term 2, Week 7: Sculpture (JB)

Term 2, Week 8: Coinage (KB)

Term 2, Week 8b: Seminar: Working with Coinage (AW)

Term 2, Week 9: Inscriptions (AC)

Term 2, Week 10: Domestic Decoration (JB)


Attendance (10%)

Poster & Presentation (40%)

1hr Examination in Term 3 (50%)

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