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Lectures and Seminars

Autumn term 2023 tbc

The first imperial succession
Tacitus' Germanicus
Death of Germanicus
Maiestas - treason against the state?
Trial of Piso
Tacitus and the Principate
Caligula: mad, bad, or misunderstood?
Claudius, 'Saturnalian emperor'?
Claudius in his own words
Nero's Golden Age
Year of the Four Emperors
The new Flavian dynasty
The last of the Flavians
The Flavian Reconstruction of Rome
Trajan's foreign conquests
Hadrian's New Athens
The Panhellenion

Spring Term 2024 tbc

Being Greek in a Roman World
Images of the elite
Civic life in the East: a world of festivals?
Hadrian and the Greek East
Workshop on Coins
Integration of provincials into Roman society
Ruling the empire
Pliny and Bithynia
The Best Roman Governor
Running the economy
Life in Egypt under Roman rule
Popular resistance to Rome
Opposition to Nero
Jewish revolts and resistance
Civic life in the West: Spain
Emperor worship

Summer Term 2024 tbc

Robert Graves' I, Claudius and Claudius the God
Revision Classes