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Vacation Reading, Summer

Students taking this module should aim to use their time over the summer to get a feel for the overall character of the period of Roman history, AD 14-138.

Students who haven't already taken the module Transformation of Roman Society under Augustus should do some background reading on the Augustan era. The following volume would be a good starting place:

  • K. Galinsky, Augustus. Introduction to the Life of an Emperor [CUP, 2012]: e-book + DG279.G175  

Everyone should also read some of the major primary sources covering the period -

  • Suetonius Lives of the Caesars (Tiberius-Domitian) [*C. Edwards, Oxford World Classics 2000]: e-book + DG 277.S8
  • Tacitus Annals [*J.C. Yardley, Oxford World Classics 2008]: e-book

Please also consider purchasing before the first lecture:

  • MGL Cooley, ed. Tiberius to Nero [LACTOR Sourcebook] DG 281.T53
  • MGL Cooley, ed. The Flavians [LACTOR Sourcebook] DG286.F53

These should be available from Cambridge University Press + e-books from Warwick Library.