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Classical Views of Literature & the Visual Arts - Bibliography

Primary texts

On literature: Excerpts from Homer and other pre-Platonic authors; Plato, Ion, Republic 2-3; Aristotle Poetics; Longinus, On the Sublime; Horace, Epistles 1.2,2.1, 2.3; Ovid, Tristia 2, 4.10; Quintilian, Institutio oratoria ('Education of an Orator') 10, Suetonius, Lives of the Poets.

On art: Plato Republic 10, Homer, Iliad 18; Virgil, Aeneid 1, 8; Propertius 2.12, 2.31; Ovid, Metamorphoses. Lessing Laocoon

  • Many of these texts are in the OUP anthologies Classical Literary Criticism and Ancient Literary Criticism ed. D.A. Russell and M. Winterbottom Oxford OUP 1972).
  • In making reference to these works provide the correct reference to a classical source (the book of the ancient author, followed by chapter or verse or the Stephanus page [e.g. Plato Rep. 395a], instead of or as well as the page number of an English translation

Prescription of texts for Latin syllabus

(roughly in the order in which they will be presented on the course)


Horace, Epistles 1.2, Epistles 2.1 [Letter to Augustus], 2.3 [Ars Poetica 474 verses]

Ovid Tristia 2.353-70, Tristia 4.10 [Poet’s autobiography]

Suetonius Lives of the Poets (Terence Virgil, Horace, Persius, Lucan)


Propertius, Elegies 2.12, 2.31

Virgil, Aeneid 8.608-731 [Shield of Aeneas], Aeneid 1.446-97 [Temple in Carthage]

Ovid, Metamorphoses 10.243-97 [Pygmalion]

General reference works

The Oxford Classical Dictionary is an indispensable resource. There are entries on authors, literary genres and categories ('epic', 'tragedy') and on topics in visual art.

Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics ed Alex Preminger 1965, revised 1974. There is also the 1993 New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics  

Conte, G. B. Latin Literature A History (London 1994)

Dihle, A. A History of Greek Literature (London and New York 1994)

Introductory works

Beardsley, M. Aesthetics: Problems in the Philosophy of Criticism (Indianapolis 1981)

Berger, J. Ways of Seeing (Cambridge 1995)

Eagleton, T. Literary Theory (Oxford 1982)

Russell, D.A. Criticism in Antiquity (London 1981)

Sheppard A. Aesthetics (Oxford 1987)

Sontag S. On Photography (London 1977)

Useful anthologies

Elsner J. (ed) Art and Text in Roman Culture (Cambridge 1996)

Jefferson, A. and Robey, D. (ed) Modern Literary Theory: A Comparative Introduction (London 1986)

Kennedy G ed. Cambridge History of Literary Criticism: vol 1 Classical criticism (Cambridge 1989)

Laird A. ed. Ancient Literary Criticism (Oxford 2006)

Preziosi, D. ed. The Art of Art History: A Critical Anthology (Oxford 1998)


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On modern views of literature:

Eagleton, T. Literary Theory (Oxford 1982)
Preminger, O. (ed.) Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics (London 1975, repr. 1995)
Jefferson, A. and Robey, D. (ed) Modern Literary Theory: A Comparative Introduction (London 1986)

Viewing Textuality in Antiquity:
Annas, J. (1981) An Introduction to Plato's Republic (Oxford)
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Visual Arts

Iliad 18 and the Shield of Achilles in context

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Art and Rhetoric in Vitruvius and Pliny the Elder

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Ekphrasis and the Second Sophistic:

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Philostratus the Elder:

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