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There is one two-hour weekly lecture session, punctuated by a 10-minute break. The lectures will present primary sources (texts and artefacts), providing guidance in assessing their relative strengths and weaknesses as historical evidence, and will highlight some of the main areas of debate.

The group will be divided into smaller groups for three seminars in each of the first two terms in weeks 4, 7, 10. Students will be asked to complete some preparatory reading, and come prepared to participate in informal discussion of the topics. Seminar handouts will be distributed one week before each seminar.

Students are advised that attendance at every lecture and seminar is compulsory since the assessed essays and exam paper will draw upon the material covered in them. If you have to miss a lecture or seminar for some good reason, please let the lecturer and module convenor know in advance if possible, or as soon as possible thereafter.

Students are expected to do some consolidation work after each lecture, working from the weekly bibliographies.