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Padua - Student Experiences

Adam Priestley about his experience at the University of Padua - 2017/18

'For me, the experience of studying at the University of Padua was a truly unforgettable one. While there was no shortage of challenges to overcome, getting through those difficulties was both maturing and very satisfying. One great aspect of living in Padua is its travel connections. It is twenty minutes away from Venice, half an hour away from Verona and a short bus journey away from one of the best beaches in the north of Italy. All of the little towns that we visited during our stay in Padua had their own distinct personalities and many had fantastic museums and ancient remains that helped expand our understanding of classics. Studying in Padua was an amazing experience and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.'


Staff exchange - 2017

On top of the student exchange, there was also a staff exchange with the University of Padua:

In 2017, Suzanne Frey-Kupper has resided as a Visiting Professor at the Dipartimento dei Beni Culturali, invited by Prof. Michele Asolati, an internationally reknown numismatist working on many numismatics topics, especially Cyrenaican coins and late antique coins from Northern Italy, always including find evidence from achaeological excavations.

Here they are with a group of their students in front of the 'Orologio', near the University's Palazzo Liviano where Michele and his colleagues are working and where our Warwick students are taught. In 2017/18, following Suzanne's visiting semester in Padua, one of the Italian students on the picture taught by her in Padua came as an Erasmus student to study for two terms at Warwick, as part of her Italian Masters degree.


teaching in Padova

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