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Current research

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Graduate students:

Jack Nurpetlian, Coinage in Roman Syria: The Orontes Valley (64 BC – AD 253). (2009-2012) Supervisor: Prof Kevin Butcher

Marta Barbato (MPhil/PhD), Coin circulation in Central Italy in the Late republican period. Supervisor: Dr Suzanne Frey-Kupper

Nathan Murphy (MPhil/PhD), Project student on Prof Kevin Butcher's AHRC funded project, A third century crisis? The composition and metallurgy of Roman silver coinage, Septimius Severus to Valerian and Gallienus

Denise Wilding (MPhil/PhD) Student on the ERC-funded project Tokens Communities in the Ancient Mediterranean. Supverisor: Clare Rowan.

David Swan (MPhil/PhD) Analysis of Iron Age Coinage in Britain and Western Gaul. Supervisor: Clare Rowan.