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Giles Penman

Postgraduate Researcher


Humanities Building, University Road
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL


I hold a First Class Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Classics from King’s College London, at which I completed the Associateship of King’s College (AKC), a course of philosophy and archaeology offered by the university. The interest in and passion for Ancient Greek and Roman history and material culture, which I gained at King’s during my degree 2011-2015, encouraged me to pursue the Master of Arts degree (MA) in Ancient Visual and Material Culture at the University of Warwick. I completed this degree with Distinction with specialisations in Numismatics and Reception Studies 2016-2017. During this and subsequent years at university, I participated in university sports, and enjoyed wheelchair racing, shot and discus.


My study of numismatics, in particular medals, and material culture generally encouraged me to pursue further research at doctoral level. I initially researched the use of Greco-Roman imagery on Great War gallantry medals and memorials. However, with this foundation of knowledge, my research progressed to its present subject, the deployment of Greco-Roman imagery on the civil cultural artefacts of the Great War and its post-war commemoration, encompassing the conflict itself 1914-1918, and the Inter-war period 1919-1939. I study the use of Greco-Roman imagery on ceramics, printed media and medals of these periods. I am particularly interested in the purpose of the deployment of ancient imagery on objects representing a 20th Century conflict, and whether or not these images achieved their intended aims.