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Work Package C: Open Access Dissemination

Work Package C1: Publication of data

The data from Work Packages A2, A3, B1 and B2 will be published on the Archaeology Data ServiceLink opens in a new window, hosted by the University of York. This will ensure the data remain accessible to scholars well beyond the life of the project. There is no embargo period and no restrictions on users. Users may download and freely use the data to incorporate in their own work (with appropriate acknowledgements), except for commercial purposes.

Work Package C2: Monograph

A monograph will be written by the PI and Dr Matthew Ponting, with contributions by other team members and will be published open access. The publisher will be Cambridge University Press.

Work Package C3: Articles on LA-ICP-AS

Results from the research carried out as part of Work Package B1 on Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) will be published in articles written by the first post-doctoral researcher. These will be offered for publication in ArchaeometryLink opens in a new window, which offers the best target audience for this area of research.

Work Package C4: Artices on negative μXES analysis

Results from Work Package B2, muonic X-ray Emission Spectography (μXES) analysis, will be published in articles written by Dr Adrian Hillier, Dr Matthew Ponting, the PI and the first post-doctoral researcher. The articles will address two different audiences: one for a heritage journal such as Studies in Conservation, to present the technique to conservation, museum and heritage professionals; and another in a more strictly numismatic journal such as Numismatic Chronicle.

Work Package C5: Publication of papers from Metallurgy Conference

The papers arising from the Metallurgy Conference in Liverpool will be edited for publication

Work Package C6: Publication of papers from the Rome Conference

The papers arising from the Rome Conference will be edited for publication.

Work Package C7: Articles on lead isotope data manipulation

The second post-doctoral research (based at Liverpool) will write articles on this methodology and the results of the lead isotope analysis carried out.

Work Package C8: Articles on coin circulation patterns

The third post-doctoral researcher (based at Warwick) will write articles on coin circulation patterns.