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About Us

Meet the editors of Material Musings

Jacqui Butler, Founder and Editor

I’m a part-time PhD candidate in the Department of Classics & Ancient History. My PhD research focusses on the depiction of specific mythological women across different media in Roman visual art, and particularly in Campanian wall paintings. My interests more broadly are on the lived experience of Roman women, anything related to the Vesuvian sites, and I have a keen interest in life in Roman Britain. I am a Fellow of the Warwick Institute of Engagement and I’m passionate about public engagement and have worked on several outreach projects within the department. I’m also a volunteer tour guide at the British Museum in London and am always enthusiastic to bring the ancient world to life to a wider audience in relatable and meaningful ways.

Dr Matthew Evans, Founder and Editor

I'm a teaching fellow in Greek history in the Department of Classics & Ancient History. My research concerns the archaeology and history of the Aegean during the Hellenistic and Imperial periods. My doctoral thesis focused on the spatial and functional development of gymnasia. Other research interests include the senses in the ancient world, Greek athletics, island communities, and cultural exchange. I am an active archaeologist in Greece and Italy, currently participating in fieldwork at Chios, Samos and Halaesa. I am also passionate about engaging the public with the material culture of the ancient world and ensuring the inclusivity and accessibility of classical research.