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Racing the Classics II

Research Workshop (Invitation Only)

Friday 3rd May 2019


University of Warwick

AC0.02-AC0.03 (Argent Court)

Racing the Classics is a conference series dedicated to addressing foundational assumptions about knowledge production and race in the discipline of Classics. Thinking about race and ethnicity in the UK has often been about providing access through outreach activities rather than interrogating the structures of the field and the academy at large. The goal of Racing the Classics is to move beyond representational logic to thinking more seriously about race as a constitutive factor of intellectual production as well as identity.

For this iteration of the series, we have invited a selected number of participants to engage in a conversation aimed at unpacking four pre-selected seminal texts on a number of critical issues facing the discipline, with an eye to the following questions:

  1. How can these readings invigorate/animate/engender the work we do as academics?
  2. What tangible or immediately actionable outcomes can we pursue? What kind of support--interpersonal or systemic--might these outcomes require?
  3. How do we develop an approach that respects the geopolitical range of these texts while remaining attentive and sensitive to local issues on the ground?
Schedule and Readings

Discussants can follow this link to to access the schedule and readings.


Warwick IAS

Princeton University

Brown University


Rosa Andújar (KCL)

Sasha-Mae Eccleston (Brown, Warwick IAS Visiting Fellow)

Elena Giusti (Warwick)

Dan-el Padilla Peralta (Princeton, Warwick IAS Visiting Fellow)


Heba Abd El-Gawad (Durham)

Sam Agbamu (KCL)

Qasim Alli (Oxford)

Michael Okyere Asante (Stellenbosch)

Christienna Fryar (Liverpool)

Paula Gaither (Oxford)

Katherine Harloe (Reading)

Zena Kamash (RHUL)

Adam Lecznar (UCL)

Ferris Lupino (Brown)

Naoise Mac Sweeney (Leicester)

Rachel Mairs (Reading)

Shushma Malik (Roehampton)

Justine McConnell (KCL)

Mai Musie (Oxford)

Kelly Nguyen (Brown)

Tessa Roynon (Oxford)

Dan Orrells (KCL)

Mathura Umachandran (Oxford)

Phiroze Vasunia (UCL)

Racing the Classics