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Work in Progress Research Seminar

Please find below the schedule for Term 2 of this year’s Work in Progress seminar series. Some talks will be hosted in person, on campus in the Oculus Building, Room 1.06, or online on Microsoft Teams – see details below. All talks will begin at 1400 (GMT) unless otherwise specified.

For any further information and links to join the online seminars, please contact the organisers:

Lucrezia Sperindio:

Jacqui Butler:

12 January 2022, on campus (OC1.06)

Lucrezia Sperindio, University of Warwick (Chair: Dr Alessandra Tafaro)

“A new reading of Horace’s Ode 2.13 and its interaction with tragic themes”

18 January 2022, online

Jacqui Butler, University of Warwick (Chair: Matthew Evans)

“Iphigenia in Tauris: painted depictions of a priestess”

26 January 2022, online

Dr Irene Soto Marin, University of Michigan (Chair: Dr Clare Rowan)

“The Sources and Implications of Egyptian Silver Coinage”

02 February 2022, online

Manuela Marai, University of Warwick (Chair: Simone Mucci)

“Distillation in the Graeco-Roman world: fractionation of oily substances for pharmaceutical use”

09 February 2022, on campus (OC1.06)

Dr Renaud Gagné, University of Cambridge (Chair: Prof Zahra Newby)

“Weaving the World: Altars and Cosmography in Greek Sanctuaries”

16 February 2022, no seminar (Reading Week)

23 February 2022, online

Danchen Zhang, University of Warwick (Chair: Alessio Ranno)

“South wind and mental suffering in Sophocles’ Ajax and Philoctetes

02 March 2022, on campus (OC1.06)

Xavier Buxton, University of Warwick (Chair: Prof David Fearn)

“A place where fear is good: ecopsychology in Classical Athens”

09 March 2022, online

Dr Anna Moles, University of Groningen (Chair: Dr Conor Trainor)

“Towards a social history of life at Roman Knossos: integrating the skeletal data”

16 March 2022, on campus (OC1.06) at 1500 GMT

Susan Walker, University of Warwick (Chair: Giles Penman)

“The ritual vow and identities, who were the worshippers at Uley?”