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Work in Progress Research Seminar

All seminars of the Warwick Classics and Ancient History Work in Progress Seminar Series will take place in OC 1.02 in the Oculus Building and start at either 3.30 or 4.00pm. attendance is free and open to all, no registration required.

Should you have any enquiries, feel free to contact the seminar organisers, Paloma Perez-Galvan and Alessandra Tafaro, or the seminar coordinator, Caroline Petit.

Autumn Term 2019-2020

Wednesday 2 October, 3.30pm-4.30pm OC1.02

Nick Brown (Warwick): ‘What is an Archaic Agalma?’

Paloma Perez Galvan (Warwick): ‘Epigraphy between Print and Manuscript: Giacomo Mazzocchi’s Epigrammata Antiquae Urbis (1521), BnF MS Latin 17575 and Bodleian Library, MS Auct. S.10.25’

Wednesday 9 October 5.15pm OC0.04 (please note the unusual room)

Prof. Victoria Rimell (Warwick) – inaugural lecture :‘Care of the Other: Classical Literature, Consolation and the Healing Arts’.

Wednesday 16 October 3.30pm-4.30pm OC1.02

Dr Caroline Petit (Warwick): ‘Rhetoric in medical writing: artistic prose?’

Simone Mucci (Warwick): ‘Antonio Gramsci, Luciano Canfora and the classics in the next century’

Wednesday 23 October (4-5pm) OC1.02 (please note the unusual time)

Prof. Robin Osborne (Cambridge): ‘Temporality and the dramatic on Athenian pottery’

Wednesday 30 October (4-5pm) OC1.02 (please note the unusual time)

Dr Barbara Del Giovane (Florence) : 'No City for Old Men. Varro and Rome in the Menippean Satires'

Wednesday 6 November OC1.02

Reading Week, No Seminar

Wednesday 13 November 3.30pm-4.30pm OC1.02

David Swan (Warwick): ‘Crisis in the Eastern Channel - the transformation in coinage wrought by Caesar’

Denise Wilding (Warwick): ‘Local worlds on local tokens? The Roman lead tokens of Gaul and Egypt as media of local expression’

Wednesday 20 November 3.30pm-5pm OC1.02

Lucy Cockburn (Warwick): ‘ψυχη and θυμος in Xenophon's Peri Hippikes'

Kieren Johns (Warwick): “A Most Valiant Lion and a Most Cunning Fox” Negotiating the Political Authority of the ‘Outsider’ Through Septimius Severus’

Wednesday 27 November 4pm-5pm OC1.04 (please note the change of room!)

Prof. Eric Csapo (Warwick) - welcome lecture

'Is the Kleophon Painter's krater in Copenhagen a representation of dithyramb, or something even more interesting?'

Wednesday 4 December 3.30pm-4.30pm OC1.02

Charlotte Mann (Warwick): 'The "Patron Relationship" Between Emperor and Army During the Reign of Antoninus Pius (137-161 CE)'

Alessandra Tafaro (Warwick) ‘Amphitheatrical Poetics. Power and Monuments in Martial’s Liber Spectaculorum’