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Work in Progress Research Seminar

Please find below the schedule for Term 1 and 2 of this year’s Work in Progress seminar series. Talks hosted in person will be on campus in OC 1.03. All talks taking place online will be on Microsoft Teams and are noted below. All talks will begin at 1400 (GMT) unless otherwise specified.

For any further information and a link to join the online seminar, please contact the organisers:

Campbell Orchard:

Abby Wall:

Term One:

12 October 2022, on campus (FAB 5.01)

Eric Csapo, University of Warwick

"Phanodemos and the Invention of Athenian Cultural History"

19 October 2022, on campus (FAB 5.01)

Rocio Gordillo, University of Seville/ Warwick

“Managing Greek Sanctuaries under Roman Rule: Roles and Responsibilities in the Organization of the Rituals”

26 October 2022, on campus (FAB 5.01)

Kevin Butcher, University of Warwick

“The Eye Never Saw, Nor the Hand Ever Touched a Sestertius: Money, moneyness and ancient coin finds”

2 November 2022, on campus (FAB 5.01)

Alison Cooley, University of Warwick

“Writings on the Wall from 1586 to the present day”

16 November 2022, two speakers, on campus (FAB 5.01)

Susan Walker, University of Warwick

"Votive disposition at Uley during the Late Iron Age"

Carlo Lualdi, University of Warwick


23 November 2022, (online)

Chris de L’isle, Durham University

"The Roman Athenian Boule"

30 November 2022, on campus (FAB 5.01)

Penelope Goodman, University of Leeds

"Augustus and his bimillennium in the soft power strategy of the Fascist regime"

7 December 2022, on campus (FAB 5.01)

Lewis Webb, University of Oxford

"On (not) naming matronae: Cicero and the nominis matronae sanctitudo"

Term 2

11 January (Week 1), on campus (OC 1.03)

Micaela Canopoli, University of Warwick

‘The dedication of Axios and Kapo to Artemis Nanaia and the Phosphorion at Piraeus’

18 January (Week 2), on campus (OC 1.03)

1.) Jacqui Butler, University of Warwick

‘Mosaic Portrayals of Sacrificial Female Mythological Characters’.

2.) Manuela Marai, University of Warwick

‘Galen On Compound Remedies: decoding ancient recipes to reconstruct and test a pharmaceutical formulation with antimicrobial potential’

25 January (Week 3), online

George Watson, Lancaster University

‘Between Greek and Roman. Regional dynamics in the coin denominations of southern Asia Minor in the Roman period’.

1 Feb (Week 4), on campus (OC 1.03)

1.) Danchen Zhang, University of Warwick

'Waves of suffering: the second stasimon in Sophocles' Antigone and its poetic references'

2.) Giles Penman, University of Warwick

‘Peace Mugs and Medals: Deploying ancient imagery to mobilize children for post-war peace’

8 Feb (Week 5), on campus (OC 1.03)

Silvia Orlandi, Sapienza University

‘Working on Pirro Ligorio: manuscripts, paper editions, digital databases.’

Week 6: Reading Week

22 Feb (Week 7), on campus (OC 1.03)

1.) Abby Wall, University of Warwick

‘Plant and animal emblems of the Roman Republican moneyers’.

2.) Nathalia Kristensen, University of Warwick

‘Circulation of Small Change in Roman Syria’

1 March (Week 8), online

Emilia Oddo, Tulane University

‘Adventures in Minoan Crete: Reconstructing Life through Pottery Sherds’.

8 March (Week 9), on campus (OC 1.03)

Evan Jewell, Rutgers University

‘Wayfinding toward Subaltern Topographies of Ancient Rome’.

15 March (Week 10), on campus (OC 1.03)

Fiachra Mac Gorain, University College London

‘The Mysteries of Aeneid 6’