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Student Theses - completed

Carlo Avilio - PhD 2017
PhD Thesis: Naturalism and the Picaresque in Jusepe de Ribera's Work.

Stefano Colombo - PhD 2017
Thesis: The Rhetoric of Celebration in Seventeenth-Century Venetian Sepulchral Monuments.

Alice Eden - PhD 2017
Thesis: Representations of Women and Forms of Knowledge in British Painting, 1880-1920.

Anne Musset - PhD 2017
Thesis: Romantic-period theatrical representation and historical authenticity.

Alexandra Massini - PhD 2016
Thesis: Taming transgression: Dionysus, Apollo and Orpheus in the visual arts of the early modern era.

Claire FitzGerald - PhD 2016
Thesis: Women Artists of the Arts and Crafts Movement in Birmingham, 1880 - 1930

Kayoko Ichikawa - PhD 2016
Thesis: Guido da Siena's Narrative Panels and the Madonna del Voto: The Formation of Marian Civic Identity in Sienese Art c.1260

Charlene Vella - PhD 2016
Thesis: In the footsteps of Antonello da Messina: the antonelliani in Sicily and Venice in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries

Ann Haughton - PhD 2015
Thesis: Divine Deviances: Homoerotic mythology in the Italian Renaissance: a cultural and psychoanalytical analysis

Melanie Zefferino - PhD 2015
Thesis: Dramatic figures in the Venetian Republic : performance, patronage, and puppets (co-supervision with Theatre and performance Studies)

Desiree de Chair - PhD 2015
Thesis: Queen Victoria’s children and sculpture (c.1860-1900) : collectors, makers, patrons

Elisabeth Reissner - PhD 2014
Thesis: Testing the boundaries of a material-based approach: Can meaning be found in the making of the works of Paul Cézanne? (co-supervision with the Courtauld Institute)

Carly Collier - PhD 2014
Thesis: British artists and early Italian art c. 1770-1845 : the pre Pre-Raphaelites?

Marie-Louise Lillywhite - PhD 2014
Thesis: The counter reformation and the decoration of Venetian churches 1563-1610 : San Giacomo dall'Orio, Santa Maria dell'Umiltà, the Redentore and San Giorgio Maggiore

Eoin Martin - PhD 2014
Thesis: Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and the patronage of contemporary sculpture in Victorian Britain 1837-1901

Nora Gietz - PhD 2013
Thesis: The effects of revolutionary and Napoleonic policy on the artistic patrimony of Venice (1797 and 1806-1814)

Christopher Sealey - MA by Research, 2012
Thesis: Buildings of the Frisbeys and Grumbolds based around the quarries in Weldon, Northamptonshire, during the late Sixteenth and early Seventeenth Centuries

Alison Moore - MA by Research, 2012
Thesis: The Sculptural Portrayal of Venetian Women, 1350-1600

Antonia Gatward-Cevizli - PhD 2012
Thesis: Beyond Bellini: aspects of Italian-Ottoman Cultural Exchange, 1453-1512

Laura Hutchinson - PhD 2011
Thesis: Seeing as sensing : the structuring of bodily experience in modern pictorial art

David Wilson - PhD by Publication 2011
Thesis: The Sculpted Portrait Bust in Eighteenth-Century England

Zoe Willis - PhD 2011
Thesis: Saint Cults and the Politics of Power in the Dalmatian Commune of Zadar (1000-1468)

Joanne Allen - PhD 2010
Thesis: Choir Stalls in Venice and Northern Italy: Furniture, Ritual and Space in the Renaissance Church Interior

Joanne Anderson - PhD 2010
Thesis: The Magdalen Fresco Cycles Of The Trentino, Tyrol And Swiss Grisons, C. 1300 – C. 1500

Sarah Burnett - PhD 2010
Thesis: The Cult of Saint Nicholas in Medieval Italy

John Willis - MA by Research 2010
Thesis: Augustus’s Vision and the Tiburtine Sibyl: A study in the Iconography and Context of an early Netherlandish Painting at Upton House

Sophie Bostock - PhD 2010
Thesis: The Pictorial Wit of Domenico Tiepolo

Sarah Walford - PhD 2009
Thesis: Architecture in Tension: An Examination of the Position of the Architect in the Public and Private Sectors focusing on the Training and Careers of Sir Basil Spence and Sir Donal Gibson

Almudena Cros-Guiterrez - PhD 2009
Thesis: The Artistic Patronage of Gil De Albornoz (1302-1367): A Cardinal in Context

Pippa Salonious - PhD 2009
Thesis: Orvieto and its Cathedral : the City, the Curia and the Artistic Context

Jillian Harrold - PhD 2007
Thesis: Saintly doctors : The Early Iconography of SS. Cosmas and Damian in Italy

Joan Friedman - PhD 2007
Thesis: Mystical Texts and their Illustration : the Visions of Saint Bridget of Sweden and Catherine of Siena in the Art of Late Medieval and Renaissance Italy

Jill Farquar - PhD 2006
Thesis: Fourteenth Century Panel Painting in Romogna and Northern Marche: Iconography and Identity

Gillian White - PhD 2005
Thesis: 'that whyche ys nedefoulle and nesesary': the Nature and Purpose of the Original Furnishings and Decoration of Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire

Claudia Bolgia - PhD 2004
Thesis: The Late-medieval Church of S. Maria in Aracoeli in Rome (Architecture, Church furniture and Decoration). Franciscan, Commune and Aristocracy in their Urban and European Context

Roberto Cobianchi - PhD 2004
Thesis: Aspects of Franciscan Observant Iconography in North Italian Paintings

Patricia Morales - PhD 2004
Thesis: 'Mere good taste is nothing but genius without the power of execution': Artists as arbiters of taste, 1762-1836

Clare Walcot - PhD 2004
Thesis: Figuring Finance : London's New Financial World and the Iconography of Speculation, circa 1689-1763

Claudia Bolgia - PhD 2003
Thesis: The Church of S. Maria in Aracoeli, Rome: from the earliest times to circa 1400.

Abstracts of all PhD theses completed in the department (and full texts of some) are available via WRAP (the Warwick Research Archive Portal).

For the titles of theses in progress, please see current research students.