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Simon Swain is the author of 10 books and of over 50 chapters and articles and numerous reviews.

His monographs and edited books are:

  • Economy, Family, and Society from Rome to Islam. A Critical Edition, English Translation, and Study of Bryson’s “Management of the Estate” (CUP 2013a) xiii + 573 (funded by a Major Research Fellows from the Leverhulme Trust)
  • Themistius, Julian, and Greek Political Theory under Rome. Texts, Translations, and Studies of Four Key Works (CUP 2013b) vi + 224 (funded by a Major Research Fellowship from the Leverhulme Trust)
  • Seeing the Face, Seeing the Soul. Polemon’s “Physiognomy” from Classical Antiquity to Medieval Islam (ed.) (OUP 2007a) x + 700 (funded by a project grant from the Leverhulme Trust)
  • Severan Culture (ed. with J. Elsner and S. J. Harrison) (CUP 2007b) xviii + 570
  • Approaching Late Antiquity. The Transformation from Early to Late Empire (ed. with M. J. Edwards) (OUP 2004) xiii + 489
  • Bilingualism in Ancient Society. Language Contact and the Written Word (ed. with J. N. Adams and M. Janse) (OUP 2002) x + 484
  • Dio Chrysostom, Politics, Letters, and Philosophy (ed.) (OUP 2000) x + 308
  • Oxford Readings in the Greek Novel (ed.) (OUP 1999) xii + 412
  • Portraits. Biographical Representation in the Greek and Latin Literature of the Roman Empire (ed. with M. J. Edwards) (OUP 1997) xi + 267
  • Hellenism and Empire. Language, Classicism and Power in the Greek World, AD 50-250 (OUP 1996) xii + 512

Current work:

He will soon publish with Uwe Vagelpohl the second volume arising from a major Wellcome Trust project to edit and translate the Arabic version of Galen’s great commentary on the Hippocratic Epidemics Bks 1-2. He is also at work on a translation and commentary of Themistius’ speeches in the era of Valentinian and Valens for the series Translated Texts for Historians.