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Term 1: "One Poem, Four Readings" (2,500 words total.

An exercise in scholarly engagement, helping students to further develop their interpretative writing skills, especially in connecting close-reading of complex literary texts with broader developments in the history of criticism. Students will be asked to present a fragment or portion of text of their choosing from a prescribed list, along with four excerpts from targeted bibliography (as specified per chosen author by the module convenor) pertinent to the text selected (up to 1500 words), and then write up to 1,000 words of discussion of their own about the significance of the scholarly excerpts selected for broader interpretative trends and issues in scholarship. 25% of module mark

There will be at least one 'training session' in class on this, illustrated by an example from the module convenor, prior to the submission deadline.

Term 2: 4,000-word extended essay: titles released before the Christmas vacation; deadline in week 1 of term 3. 50% of module mark

Term 3: 1-hour summer exam. Commentaries in translation / translation + commentary (original Greek students), testing close-reading skills on selected excerpts. 25% of module mark