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Study in Monash

Student experience 2016/17: Lia Bhimani, fourth year Undergraduate Student, back from Monash

Studying at Monash was a valuable learning experience because of the diversity within the modules you could choose. The first semester I chose two Classics ones: Golden Age of Athens (which incorporated a lot of toga wearing!), and Understanding Ancient Cultures. I also chose an Anthropology one, an area I had never looked into before which I enjoyed so much I continued into the second semester. I decided to take a module in Global Commodities incorporating material from Geography and Economics and my ultimate favourite module, Ethics of Global Conflict, expanded my horizons to relevant political issues that we face today. The campus is similar to Warwick in the sense that there are many (more) food and drink outlets, and it is common to bump into your course friends or familiar faces everywhere you go!

Lia 1 buillding 1 building 2

The State Library of Victoria is a beautiful building to study in when it came to essay deadlines and gave me a true ‘Melbourne university student’ experience when I was frantically cramming for my end of semester exams- interspersed between many soy flat white coffee breaks of course! Art, culture and music lover? Brunswick Street with its exceptional live gig scene and the frequent pop-up Japanese and Greek food festivals in Federation Square that connected the entire city together every weekend are the best way to immerse yourself in Melbournian culture. Or if you’re more of a foodie and appreciate a delicious cocktail or 12 like myself, you will fall in love with the secretive, hidden, and THEMED bar scene that pervades the crevices of the city and suburbs! The seasonal difference was a little difficult to grasp at first, as flying out to Melbourne mid-July to be exposed to rainy weather, mulled wine and winter markets took a bit of getting used to! However, the four month Monash summer break from November to March was an incredible opportunity to experience a warm festive season (iced gingerbread Christmas frappe anyone?!) as well as allowing me to travel through much of Australia and South East Asia – I certainly never thought I would be indulging in authentic Thai green curry and ‘Banh Pho Chay’ whilst my fellow Classics friends at Warwick were conjugating Latin verbs!

Melbourne is the best city in the whole wide world and without a doubt I truly see myself going back and living there again! 94 people from Warwick came to Monash, which was a great security blanket initially but I decided to branch out after the first few weeks and take advantage of the exceptionally friendly and hospitable Australians. I made friends from all over Australia from my university classes who not only opened their homes to me when I was travelling the Great Ocean Road, Sydney and the East Coast of Australia, but opened my eyes to the sensational coffee and brunch culture (the Lindt Cafe hot chocolate and delicious ‘smashed avo’ on sourdough will forever have a place in my heart!). The city is set out in a grid system which makes it really easy to navigate and trams are free in the city centre. I lived in a suburb called South Yarra, which is famed for its incredible brunch and shopping culture, not to mention two train stops away from the inner city and only a twenty minute train journey and bus ride to university. I decided to live out of halls in the second semester, which was undoubtedly the best decision I made- life is so different when you’re living out, it feels like a veritable experience of living like a local.

All in all, Monash University was truly an outstanding academic experience enabling me to tackle fourth year feeling much more focused after a year of being culturally enriched as a Melbournian. Melbourne has been rated ‘the world’s most liveable city’ and rightly so! This year abroad was much more than just that, it was a life abroad experience that will continue to stay with me forever.


Full year exchange: July-June (semesters July-Nov., with orientation from mid-July; March-June, with mid-Feb. orientation). After 2nd year. Would create 4-year degree pathway. No cap on numbers.

Applying: contact Prof. Suzanne Frey-Kupper by tbc Nov. 2017.


• £1350 tuition fees
• campus accommodation £2500/ $4500 per semester. For 2nd semester it is cheaper to live in off-campus accommodation
• flights
• visa
• health insurance (Australian Government requirement)
Can work full-time during long break (November-March) and 20 hours per week during semester on or off-campus. £9 per hour minimum wage, many jobs much higher. Need to make financial plan.

Academic requirements

• Requires 2.1 average at end of 1st year and impeccable attendance; Students wishing to participate in an exchange with Monash have to achieve a 2.1 overall profile at the end of the 1st year and make proof of impeccable attendance, including of the information session on Monash organised in term 1 of their first year..
• Pass rate for Monash modules 50%
• Enrol in 4 x 6 credit point units (modules) at Monash from Faculty of Arts with 2000 or 3000 code, from 2nd year programme. In the application form list 8 units for the first semester of study only for consideration by the Faculty of Arts.

Units (modules) at Monash

• Link to the units in Classics
• Link to the units in the Art Faculty in general

Prato Campus

• Italian language

More information

You can get more information about organising your Erasmus year abroad from the Warwick Study Abroad team | Office for Global Engagement.

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