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Digital Arts & Humanities Modules and Courses

New degree programmes in development: Design Thinking and Digital Innovation

Aiming for a 2024 start.

Designing Change (foundations): Critical Creativity in the Digital Age

15 CATS.

Available for all Arts Faculty 2nd year undergraduates.

Spring term (starting January 2022).

Digital change agents are people with a supercharged capability for applying technology to solving problems and improving the world. You might assume that they are geeky Comp Sci graduates hiding away in dimly lit basement offices somewhere on the Internet. This is simply not true. Arts and Humanities graduates are the real heroes of this story. Their diverse disciplinary backgrounds and interests share many key elements required for success: storytelling, visual thinking, critically-creatively working with language, working iteratively, exploring multiple possibilities, and being comfortable with ambiguity and radical difference. When combined with an understanding of digital technologies, a digital-creative mindset, key concepts and methods (Design Thinking, Systems Thinking), and working in the right kind of collaborative environment, they can achieve great things.

This module will provide students from across the Arts Faculty with everything they need to become successful digital change agents, for the benefit of the Faculty, the wider community (through public engagement), and beyond.

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Digital Humanities for Postgraduate Researchers


Available to all PGRs in the Faculty of Arts on a first-come first-serve basis. Sign up will open soon.

Spring and Summer term (starting January 2022)

This interdisciplinary certificate, taught jointly between the University of Warwick and the GALE Digital Scholar Library aims to support postgraduate researchers in learning about how to engage with the digital humanities. This 10 week course focuses on a number of relevant concepts including the theory behind DH, a number of useful digital tools, how to design and create a digital project and how to apply what you have learned to teaching, research and public engagement both during and after your PhD. Applicants will be expected to attend a two hour session every Wednesday afternoon throughout term two (excluding reading week) and to complete a reflection and a final project.

This module is suitable for beginners and experienced students as there will be scope for engagement at all levels. Students who have never engaged with the digital humanities before are very welcome to join the programme,

Register your interest here (form closes Dec 17th 2021).