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Resources for Film & TV Studies






Internet Resources

  • industry standard digital cinema installation in our main lecture and screening theatre
  • professional 35mm projection in 4 departmental screening rooms as part of our new £3.5 million Film and Television Study Centre
  • Steenbeck study tables
  • digital video projection (including Blu-Ray) in various departmental rooms available for booking by students.
  • dedicated Film and Television IT facilities
  • extensive programme of departmental screenings
  • dedicated graduate students’ study room (including viewing and seminar preparation facilities and Radio Times collection)
  • probably the best University library for film and television studies in the UK
  • all major books in the field in the English language and substantial holdings in French, German and Italian (including the Harmssen collection on Third Reich film)
  • runs of the major scholarly journals (e.g. Cahiers du cinéma, Cinema Journal, Movie, Screen, Positif) as well as trade and fan periodicals (e.g. Broadcast, Picturegoer, Variety)
  • very extensive VHS/DVD collection (over 15,000 titles)
  • plasma screen viewing facilities
  • subscriptions to all major film databases, including BFI Film Index International and the FIAF index
  • Modern Records Centre
  • Repertory Film Theatre (on average eight different films per week as well as day schools and special series)
  • Student Film Society, with 70mm projection
  • Language Centre (audio-visual facilities, computer-assisted learning, satellite television, library)
  • freely available computing facilities and training
  • Multiplex and Repertory cinemas
  • Coventry library DVD collection
  • Birmingham Film and Television Festival
  • Birmingham Pre and Early Cinema Museum
  • BBC Television
  • Carlton Television
  • British Film Institute library and National Film Archive in London (60 minutes to London by train; free pass to BFI library available)

 Computing facilities and training are available to all graduate students

Internet Resources can be found here
Photo of clip from Buffy the Vampire Slayer