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Arabic marking criteria (written) levels 1/2 - TBC for 2017/18

Class Language Communication Task fulfilment Point on scale Numerical equivalent  
First Outstanding Outstanding Excellent 1st 96
First A wide range of appropriate structures. Good use of appropriate vocabulary.
Correct syntax. All characters are well-shaped.
Task completed
Relevant information is fully conveyed.
Well-organized logical structure.
Personal opinions are clearly expressed and justified.
There is some originality.
High 1st
Mid 1st
Low 1st
Upper Second Range of structures appropriate to the task. Use of appropriate vocabulary.
Mistakes are minor enough not to cause misunderstanding. Characters are well-shaped.
Task almost completed. Most relevant information is conveyed with some details.
Personal opinions are expressed and justified fairly clearly.
High 2.1
Mid 2.1
Low 2.1
Lower Second Inaccurate language which impedes communication. Attempts to use some complex structures and vocabulary, but attempts are not always successful. Characters readable but not well-shaped, with some mistakes evident. Task incomplete
Most relevant points are conveyed but lack details.
Personal opinions are expressed but partially justified.
High 2.2 Mid 2.2 Low 2.2 58
Third Frequent inaccurate language which impedes communication.
Range of structures and vocabulary is fairly limited (predominantly simple structures and vocabulary).
There may be occasional attempts to use fairly complex structures and vocabulary, but the attempts are often unsuccessful.
Mistakes in writing characters are evident, with a degree of “deformity” in shaping letters.
Some elements of the task completed, but with some ambiguity.
Personal opinion is conveyed with little details.
Some irrelevant points.
High 3rd
Mid 3rd
Low 3rd
Fail Frequent errors which prevent communication. The range of structures and vocabulary is very limited (random structures and vocabulary). Characters are not connected correctly, or badly shaped. Most task elements missing.
Many irrelevant points Little meaningful communication.
High Fail
Mid Fail
Bad Fail Essentially nothing of value   Low Fail Zero 12