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LL291 W2 Homework

Week 2 Tuesday sessions (13 Oct 2015)


There is no homework to submit.

You should plan your "independent learning" and start carrying it out.

Here is some work I would suggest for you to do. Please add your own.

  • Make a study plan (remember PDCA), weekly & yearly
  • Get an A4 binder to keep your materials
  • Spend time listening to the accompanying CD (Textbook & Workbook, if you have it). In the Wednesday sessions, we coverd Lesson 1
  • Go over the notes for Lesson 1. (See below)
  • Start Learning Hiragana. (See below). Find out the meaning of the following words, 1 にほん、2せんせい, 3 おはよう
  • Learn some useful expressions and greetings.(See below)
  • Learn vocab in Lesson 1. (See below)
  • If you can, read Lesson 2 to prepare for the next lesson.

Resources for Week 2 Tuesday sessions (13 Oct 15)

  Lecture notes L1 PDF MP4  
  Basics PDF MP4  
  JFBP Vocab L1 Excel




Week 2 Thur/Fri sessions (15/16 Oct 2015)

**Your independent study should be focusing on learning to read (ie know the pronunciation of) Hiragana. You will learn to write hiragana in Week 3.

  Lecture notes L2 PDF MP4  
  JFBP Vocab L1 & 2  excel    
To submit hiragana & listening PPT MP4 MP3 please submit on 20 Oct 15
  Hiragana chart (Genki) Link    
  Hiragana flash cards 1 (Genki)  Link    
  Hiragana flash cards 2 (Genki)  Link    
  Hiragana flash cards 3 (Genki)  Link    

Form for Consultation slot by 19 OCT