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Exam Information


Final exam

It is scheduled at Week 4 of Term 3, Friday, 12:00 -14:00 at F1.10.

Please check

for confirmation near the time.


Please note that the actural exam duration is 1hour and 45minutes.

Oral Exam

It is scheduled at Week 5 of Term 3 (Thursday).  It will be by appointment.

You will give a 5 minute presentation (Strictly 6 minutes maximum).

The examiners will then ask you some questions on your presentation.

The examiners will then ask you some general questions.


You will need to pick up any subject you like and state the difference (or similarity) between your country and Japan.

You can bring pictures and drawings as well as bullet-pointed notes in English, but you cannot bring scripts or notes in Japanese.  (You will need to show the notes before you start your presentation.  If they are found to be unacceptable, you will not be able to use them.)