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Progression between LLL and Academic Programmes

Academic Completed Progression from academic to LLL   LLL Completed Progression from LLL to academic
Level 1 into lower Intermediate   Beginners N/A (Need to complete post-beginners level as well before progression into level 2)
Level 2 &
Beginners Accelerated
into Intermediate   Post-beginners into level 2
Level 3 into Higher Intermediate   Lower intermediate weak into level 2 / strong into level 3
Level 4 & Intermediate Accelerated into Advanced 1   Intermediate into Level 4
Level 5 into Advanced 2   Higher Intermediate into Level 5
Level 6 Join LfP to maintain language skills   Advanced 1 into Level 6
Level 7 Join LfP to maintain language skills   Advanced 2 into Level 7

If you think you want to progress to a level 2 academic programme in your second year of university, you should not embark on an LLL beginners
course, but should enrol on the academic programme as a not-for-credit student.